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Together We Make The World A Better Place

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

The Giving Club of Montrose is a Montrose women’s club that meets quarterly to help support area non-profits. Founded in 2017 the club has already provided a total of $48,500 to Lighthouse Ministries, Dolphin House, Uncompahgre Volunteer Legal Aid, and Region 10 Community Living Services. 100% of every donation goes directly to the non-profit organization chosen by the group; no administrative fees and without restriction.

The day of the November  2017 meeting of the Giving Club I met with my team to evaluate our budget. Region 10 Community Living Services is funded primarily through the Older Americans Act (federal) and the Older Coloradans Act. This year our federal funding has been delayed and uncertain day to day. Once we crunched the November numbers we realized that we needed a $15,000 miracle to avoid putting people on the waiting list for in-home support. This level of support helps our frail elders remain in their homes and putting people on a waiting list for any of our programs is a last resort, but we had already juggled as much as we could.

I regularly attend the Giving Club and really enjoy watching my peers receive the great news that their organization was selected, this night I prayed for a miracle that Community Living Services would be selected. It’s a long shot because there are a lot of great nonprofits in Montrose who do amazing work. I put on my marketing hat at hit the floor soliciting everyone I knew to put Community Living Services in the hat so we would improve our odds of being 1 of the 3 names selected to talk briefly about our cause. My friends came through and we were selected. What an honor to stand in front of over 140 talented and generous women and explain what we do and our current financial situation. I was truly humbled to be there and a little overwhelmed. We were selected and could at least temporarily eliminate the waiting list and get our Senior Companion program off the ground.

We are blessed to live in a community whose residents believe in giving back, a community with dedicated nonprofits who work hard to empower, lift-up, educate, feed and house those in need.  In 2017 the Giving Club of Montrose; made possible with the generous donations of our women; helped feed the homeless, offer support to children who have been sexually abused, provided legal support to women who are victims of domestic violence; and helped support the independence of frail, low-income elders. This little club has already had an enormous impact on our community, I am proud to be part of it and very grateful for the miracle we received.


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