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Regional Data & Information

The links below will take you to guides by subject to web sites containing some of the most commonly requested socioeconomic and natural resource data. These guides are regularly updated.

NOTE: These links are provided for your general information. The information on some of these sites has not been formally evaluated and inclusion of these links does not constitute an endorsement of any business or organization. The sites we link to are maintained by their respective organizations, which are solely responsible for their content.

If you find a broken link, a site that isn’t useful or is out of date, or if you have a site that you would recommend we add, please let us know at

Website Listings

Agriculture Data Websites

Colorado Agricultural Statistic Service

Provides a breakdown of general agricultural statistics for the state of Colorado. Also provides a breakdown of commodity production by county. (Primarily quarterly and annual commodity information)
Colorado Department of Agriculture

The Resource Analysis Section produces special reports targeting key issues and trends affecting Colorado agriculture.
Economic Research Service

Reports, publications and data sets on agriculture, food, the environment, and rural development
USDA Economics and Statistics System
Search all of USDA for reports and data sets
USDA, NASS – Census of Agriculture

2002 Census of Agriculture, Subject Series and Special Studies. (Census data ranging from land use to age of operator)


American Fact Finder (US Census Site)

The US Census Bureau has the most comprehensive demographic site. Includes population, business, housing, maps, and a comprehensive download center.
State Demographer Site – Includes Census Population, age, race/ethnicity, gender, housing.

The Colorado State Demography site at the Department of Local Affairs has been completely redone and is easy to navigate.


Households and Families

Household and Family Statistics
Housing Units

Regional and County level housing data by region, age, tenure and income
Housing units, permits, households, vacancies

Along the “Housing” row, select level of geography for State, regional, county or municipal level Vacant Units, Building Permits, Total housing units, Households, and Ave. Household size.
Population Estimates by gender and age

Population by both age and gender. If you do not want an age breakdown, enter 0 as your age grouping.
Population Intercensal estimates

The State Demographer keeps the most current population data for the state, its counties and municipalities. From this web site you can select a variety a ways to see how population has been changing.
Socio-Economic Characteristics (Piton Foundation)

The Piton Foundation develops and implements programs to improve public education, expand economic opportunities for families, and strengthen low-income neighborhoods in Denver.
Socio-Economic Characteristics (City & County of Denver)

City & County of Denver’s Web site. Limited to neighborhoods/tracts within the City & County.


Economics and Business

Assessed Value 

A variety of Property Tax Reports by tax year, including assessed value by county and community.


Compensation by Industry in Local Counties

Shows the relative compensation by NAICS or SIC industry codes by year for county. A great way to compare and trend the economic impact of various business and public sectors


Base Industry Analysis

A summary of industries that bring money into the county or region


Location Quotient Calculator 

A measure of the relative % of jobs by county in a given NAICS job sector vs. National or Colorado total percentages.


Employment by NAICS Sectors and Sub Sectors

Superior customized search tools for employment in various employment sectors by county by year.


Colorado Business Resource Guide

Terrific resource for new businesses in the state. Information on starting a business, business planning, resources, marketing, and bookkeeping. Many valuable links. Also available in hard copy.


Colorado Resource Gateway

The Colorado Resource Gateway connects Colorado business owners to relevant resources and business development organizations. The Business Resource Gateway filters resources based on Business Life Cycle stage, type of assistance sought, and geographic area.


Consumer Expenditure Survey

Consumer expenditures by region and income group.


Consumer Price Index

Click on “Consumer Price Index” to get a list of the index from 1913 to present or Click on “Inflation Calculator” to quickly convert historical values to current values.


Economic Conditions

Research and data on current economic issues. State and national.


Economic projections

Colorado regional and county projections for jobs, employment, income, labor force, and population.


Employment, unemployment, labor force by county BETTER!

Multiple County and State employment /unemployment data plus graphs by month (current to one month)


Labor Shed and Commute Shed Reports and Maps

Allows you to choose a geographic area, then see where workers who live there actually work, or to see where workers who work in that area actually live. Can create both tables of data and maps on this site.


Local Government Retail Sales & tax data

Colorado Retail Sales and Sales Tax Summaries


Personal income, Per capita income Employment, Transfer payments 

The REIS database, produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, provides economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas. Statistics in the data base include: personal income, per capita income, full and part employment, transfer payments, and farm income and expenses variables.


Poverty and Median HH Income

Also by single county 

Poverty rates and Median HH Income available through 2007 by age


Poverty Guidelines

USAC Poverty Guidelines in a handy one page sheet , incl. calculations of HH Income as percentages above the poverty line by HH size.


Regional Economic Conditions

At this site user can drill down to any state, MSA, or county to view standard graphs, tables, and maps depicting economic conditions and how they have changed over time.


Retail Sales 

Retail Sales data for Counties and Cities


Socio-Economic Profiles

These profiles are created by Headwater Economics and contain tables and figures that illustrate longterms trends in population; employment and personal income by industry…


Statistical Abstract of the United States

Statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States


Tourism Jobs

A study on the economic impact of tourism in Colorado and its counties.


Economic Distress Indicators by County

The Economic Development Administration’s summary of economic stress indicators by County.


Colorado Labor and EmploymentData

Latest Colorado Monthly Labor Force and Unemployment Statistics


Compare Counties and Cities with desired Economic Characteristics

Designed for businesses looking for communities or counties with certain demographic, geographic, and economic characteristics. Good for comparing communities, too.


Jobs and Employers by County

Examine Counties by Number, Type and size of Employers and Jobs by Type and Size of Employer.


Retail Sales and Sales Tax Summaries

Monthly, quarterly, and annual sales, retail sales, and sales tax summaries by county and city.


Business Plan Template

Takes new and existing businesses step by step through the process of writing a business plan.

Education and Government


Colorado Government

State of Colorado’s main web site with links to all state agencies with web sites.


Colorado Dept. of Transportation

Lane miles, miles traveled, etc. by County, more.


Colorado Dept. of Transportation

Interactive Highway and Traffic data by map, highway number, city, county. EXCELLENT!


Colorado Dept. of Treasury 

Highway User Tax Fund distributions to cities and counties by month.


County and Municipal Government Financial Compendium

Local government finances


Education K-12 

Information and datasets on public schools and school districts in the US


Education K-12 

Colorado Department of Education facts and statistics by school district.


Education K-12 and Post Secondary data

National Center for Education Statistics

Energy, Natural Resources, and Land Use



This site contains information and data on air pollution across the United States. Thousands of monitoring stations operated by EPA, national, state, and local agencies, collect the data.


Governor’s Energy Office 

Wide- ranging site covering a variety of federal and state energy programs


Land use 

State, regional, and national estimates of 15 major land uses including cropland, pasture, grazing, forest, and urban uses for Census of Agriculture. This data is somewhat out of date and the data set was produced in 1996. However, it is a great time series set for the years it does cover.


Land Use/GIS 

Provides a easy to use GIS format product with following information by county: Wildlife habitat, vegetation patterns, major rivers, national forests, BLM land, conservation sites, high priority areas, concerns if developed, development patterns, etc. Great site for mapping.


National Forest, National Grasslands 

Once you are at “Lands and Realty Management”, click “Land Area Reports” on left, the year, and then Table 6 to get national forest and national grassland acreage by state, congressional district.


Renewable energy, energy efficiency 

This National Renewable Energy Laboratory (located in Golden Colorado) site contains information on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Primarily information not data.



Colorado Water Resources Research Institute. Provides info and links to Colorado water issues and data


Water quality, hazardous waste 

Site provides an environmental profile for every state, county, and U.S. territory. Profile contains graphs and brief descriptions on air quality, drinking water systems, surface water quality, hazardous waste, and reported toxic releases. (As of 3/2/01 this site was unavailable because it was being updated)



Locates watersheds by a variety of levels (i.e., state, county, river, watershed name) and then provides an environmental profile of the watershed with charts and graphs.



Site provides information on wind power in the state of Colorado but no data on actual usage.

Health Care


Birth and death statistics from records Survey data on various health topics 

Colorado Department of Health and Environment. The Health Statistics Section is made up of two units, the Vital Statistics Unit and the Survey Research Unit. Data is available on a county level from 1990 through 1998 in most situations. 1999 birth data is currently available.


Children’s Health 

KIDS COUNT -Annie E Casey Foundation – national and state level data tracking the status of children in the United States.


Children’s Health

Kids Count In Colorado – Colorado Children’s Campaign – county level data tracking the status of children in Colorado


County Health Status comparisons 

Community Health Status Project – compares counties to similar ones across the US.


Fatal occupational injuries 

State level data beginning in 1991


Heart disease and stroke statistics 

American Heart Association national and state level data


National, State and Local Data 

Information Clearinghouse — to serve as a centralized information clearinghouse for national, state and local data and related resources. CHI provides technical assistance in the acquisition, assessment, and use of data to inform decision-making related to health and health care.


Nutrition and food costs 

U.S. Dept of Agriculture Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion


Rural Health Care 

The Colorado Rural Health Center (CRHC) is an independent, nonprofit, membership-based organization that serves as the State Office of Rural Health for Colorado.

General Primary Data


Bureau of Economic Analysis Home Page

Primary data site for U.S. economic growth including: gross domestic product (GDP); gross state product; personal income and employment; and balance of payments.


Bureau of Labor Statistics Home Page

Primary data site for employment, wages, consumer and producer prices, inflation and productivity


Census Bureau – American Fact Finder 

Site to access Census 2000 data. Continually updated with new releases


Census Bureau home page 

Primary site for population and economic data


Census Bureau Quick Facts

30 + most frequently requested national, state and county level variables with links to sources. Updated with Census 2000.


Population and Economic data 

Colorado State Demographer’s main web site with several demographic and economic selections


Reference USA Business and Residential Data 

Searchable updated Business and Residential Databases available free through Montrose Library District (must have library card)

Recreation and Public Lands


Federal Lands 

Provides a format to search for all federal lands in a given state, and allows you to set up search criteria for different outdoor activities


National Forests 

Provides a format to search for all national forests in a given state, and allows you to set up search criteria for different outdoor activities.


National Parks 

Provides a format to search for all national parks in a given state, and allows you to set up search criteria for different outdoor activities. Data also available on acreage, money generation, and visitation by park.

Welfare and Assistance



KIDS COUNT -Annie E Casey Foundation – national and statelevel data tracking the status of

children in the United States.



Kids Count In Colorado – Colorado Children’s Campaign – county level data tracking the status of children in Colorado



Juvenile and adult arrests by offense by county by year.


Food Stamps 

Federal food stamp site that provides state level annual and monthly data on program usage. Also provides links to other information on food stamps.



Home page for Colorado Department of Human Services. Not much data is available on this site, except in some annual reports.


Program participation rates 

National Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families – Office of Planning Research and Evaluation. National and state trend data and reports.


Substance abuse

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse


TANF and Food Stamps 

Call 303-866-3096 or 970-491-5706

County level data from 95 to present. Not available online but call the County Information Service to receive data.



The Urban Institute produces several national and state reports on economic, social welfare and community topics.

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