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Register for Enterprise Zone Tax Credits Today!

Are you planning to hire additional employees in 2018? If so, and if your business is located in an Enterprise Zone (EZ), you’ll want to make sure you’re pre-certified for EZ tax credits.

Businesses wanting to claim any of the Colorado Enterprise Zone (EZ) income tax credits must annually pre-certify with Region 10 to be eligible to claim EZ tax credits.  Pre-certification can be completed up to three months in advance of the business’ tax year start date.

A business having pre-certified, and then conducted activities that are eligible for EZ credits, must then complete a certification application and receive approval from the Region 10 EZ Administrator.

Some of the tax credits eligible for the EZ can include, Investment Tax Credits, Job Training, and New Jobs to name a few.

Follow this link for additional information as to what qualifies for the EZ tax credit and how to apply!

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