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Regional Development Support

Please visit the following pages for more information on regional development.

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

A comprehensive economic development strategy (CEDS) is designed to bring together the public and private sectors in the creation of an economic roadmap to diversify and strengthen regional economies.

Comprehensive Economic Development Assistance

Broadband Blueprint

Stay up to date on the Broadband Blueprint — a regional plan to bring faster and affordable internet capacity to our region.

Broadband Development

Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone program provides business incentives, and contribution tax credits to businesses in the Enterprise Zone.

Enterprise Zone

Gunnison Valley Transportation Planning Region (GVTPR)

Region 10 administers the Gunnison Valley Transportation Planning Region (GVTPR) Committee, which is responsible for the development of 20-year Regional Transportation Plans every five years, as well as producing annual updates. This plan is developed and updated through an extensive public participation process. The plan is a multi-model transportation plan addressing the transportation elements of roadways, bike & pedestrian facilities, transit services, aviation, and rail services, and covers all six counties in Region 10. This plan is used by the Colorado Department of Transportation in the development of the Statewide Transportation Plan and to establish priority projects for funding every year. The GVTPR Committee also develops Transit Plans for each county. Each plan outlines details of existing transit services and the potential for transit development in these counties. Both the Colorado Department of Transportation and local transit providers utilize these plans to secure funding.

Gunnison Valley Transportation Planning Region

Three Rivers Regional Transit Coordinating Council (3RRTCC)

The 3RRTCC was established in 2011 to coordinate transit planning in the region.  County Transit Advisory Committees have been established in Montrose, Delta, San Miguel and Ouray Counties. The 3RRTCC, made up of representatives of these “TACS” meets bimonthly or more frequently as necessary.

Three Rivers Regional Transit Coordinating Council

Public-Private Partnerships

Region 10 strives to bring diverse representation from both the public and private sectors to address community issues. Learn more about this particular model of consensus building.

Public-Private Partnerships
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