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Event: DREAM: The Disney Way


Discover Disney’s Secrets for Building a Winning Team & Creating Raving Customers

As one of the most recognized names in professional development, The Disney Way training and development methodology empowers organizations to create lasting change through a time-tested model for creating cultural transformation that bridges insights into action through Disney’s best practices in leadership, culture, customer experience, brand loyalty, creativity, and innovation.

We live in a very competitive business environment.  Walmart has us all believing that purchases are driven by price, and if we don’t compete on price we can’t win. But the truth is that many purchases are driven by relationship and/or experience—and that’s especially true in the business to business world.  Region 10’s goal in offering this workshop is to help retail and service businesses stay relevant and competitive by understanding how delivering a remarkable customer experience will ensure customer loyalty and drive profits.  It’s a fact, consumers are far more sophisticated than they used to be.  If businesses don’t rise to consumers’ expectations of service experience, those customers will find someone else to buy from—whether it’s a product or a service, in person or online.

In this exclusive 3-day event you will discover the secrets of The Disney Way, learn about the internal dynamics, proprietary process, and unique communication that helps Disney maintain their position as the undisputed global leader in the customer experience. This is one hands-on workshop you must not miss!

Dream: The Disney Way has had a significant impact on businesses in Grand County, Colorado.  Region 10 is thrilled to share this training and development experience with Western Slope businesses, and we are honored to have Disney expert and bestselling author Bill Capodagli lead this deep dive into the fundamentals of success so that you can:

  • Learn the secrets to gaining trust and support with stakeholders;
  • Create a powerful story of your purpose that resonates with your team;
  • Design a culture that keeps your varied customer base 100% delighted and coming back for more;
  • Discover the four-pillar philosophy that Disney uses to create a consistently awesome experience for their guests and how you can too;
  • Build a culture of creativity that honors your core values and engages employees; and
  • Increase sales by delivering a customer-centric experience.

3-Day Workshop in Montrose

Wed- Fri, October 17-19

Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Montrose



Dream. Believe. Dare. Do!



The Disney Way will lead participants to:

Dream . . . of an organization where employees and teams are self-motivated to the successful achievement of long-term goals in an environment of mutual respect and trust

Believe . . . that every employee is capable of creating magical moments for customers

Dare . . . to make a difference!

Do . . . create a “show business” atmosphere

Praise for The Disney Way

“Team Western Riviera learned a lot at The Disney Way training held at the Grand Lake Events Center and has enjoyed working together to implement our Dream Team! You can check out the impact the training has had on our staff by seeing what our guests say about our customer service on Trip Advisor (increased from 4 to 4.5 stars) and (increased from 8.2 to 8.5 rating). We have made changes that are significantly improving the way we work together on a day-to-day basis among ourselves, our guests, and our community.” -Jackie Tompkins, Co-owner, Western Riviera, Grand Lake, Colorado

 “I knew your message of providing legendary customer service would resonate well with our leaders but even more powerful seemed to be your message of creating an environment where front line employees feel empowered and are challenged to provide constant process/service improvement. Our leadership team is now poised to Dream, Believe, Dare and Do!  You certainly worked your magic.”  -Jerry Grant, President and COO, ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, Inc.

 “The Disney Way workshop inspired significant cultural change, and the newly drafted ‘Science Center Story’ helped move the organization forward with a single shared vision.” -Curt Simmons, President and CEO, Science Center of Iowa

 “In The Disney Way retreat, we utilized the storyboarding tool to begin the process of systematically unearthing our business challenges.  The ‘so what’ was that we eliminated silos and restructured the organization.” -Jim Craig, COO, ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

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