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Colorado Business Resource Guide

The Colorado Business Resource Guide is an incredible resource for any business, referencing most city, state, and federal forms needed to establish a business in the state, as well as in-depth information about legal structure and registration, income and property tax, Colorado state tax, employer responsibilities, bookkeeping, sources of assistance, business planning, marketing, financing options, liabilities and insurance, and trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

After our client receives the Colorado Business Resource Guide, their contact information is entered into our email database and they begin receiving information about upcoming training and workshops. These classes include “10 Thing You Need to Know before Starting a Business”, informs new business hopefuls about the common pitfalls of starting a business so they don’t make the same mistakes; “Starting a Business in Colorado”; provides the steps to register a business, test market viability, identify a target market, and develop a cash flow spreadsheet; and “Lean Business Planning”, a step-by-step business planning tool that helps clients identify their goals and outlines how to achieve them.

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