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Event: Bookkeeping Bootcamp- Montrose

Bookkeeping Bootcamp- Montrose

Are your numbers not adding up?

Need help making sense of them?

In this hands-on workshop, Helen Roe will help you gain better control of your business by understanding how balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow projections work together to give you a complete picture of your business’ health. Learn how to set up and track business accounting records, read financial statements, and determine when you can hire that next employee. Become a bean ninja!

Informative. Insightful.  Essential!

Friday, July 21. 9 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Region 10, 300 N Cascade Ave, Montrose

Registration is required, seating is limited. Register here.

$65, lunch included.

For more information call 970-765-3130